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Why Candidate Experience?

Be an employer of choice

Research shows that employers who commit to delivering a better candidate experience attract better candidates, increase referrals, increase customer activity, and save on talent acquisition costs. Employers who commit to delivering a great candidate experience on our platform commit to promptly reviewing and dispositioning candidates to ensure they are not lost in the black hole.  This small step empowers talented applicants to have a better and more strategic job search and enables the employer to fill jobs faster.

Candidate Experience

Extend your candidate experience by ensuring all of your candidate touchpoints align with your employer brand.

Improve Applicant Quality

Our application process improves the candidate pool from job description to pre-assessments.

Employer Brand

Show that you are an employer of choice by demonstrating your commitment to the elimination of the candidate black hole.

Improve Time to Source

Process candidates quickly and submit to hiring managers faster.

Post up to 100 jobs to our job board at no cost. Bulk upload available.

Display the “CEX” badge on your employer profile and jobs to show candidates that you are an employer dedicated to delivering a great candidate experience.

All jobs posted are distributed to over 100 additional job boards, including Google Search.


CeX employers enjoy 100 active job postings over the lifetime of your account. Remove and replace jobs as needed. Need more than 100 jobs posted at a time? Easily upgrade to our affordable job posting options.

Take advantage of our additional services including candidate screening services and traditional paid job postings.

better job descriptions

Each touchpoint with a candidate is critical to your hiring experience. Starting off with solid job descriptions that focus on the essential skills and requirements but leaves room for nuance helps create an inclusive and effective candidate experience.


Informed candidates are empowered candidates. By setting expectations about your hiring process, your company demonstrates your ability to connect and deliver a better experience for your applicants.


Top employers understand that people are what drive the success of their business. An effective candidate experience is one that respects the candidate's time, energy, and effort.


Engaging talent before and after they apply to a specific job drives a better overall experience for everyone. This includes application acknowledgment, recruiter responsiveness, timely dispositioning with follow up emails, and ongoing communications.


Ensuring that everyone involved in the hiring experience is on the same page when it comes to time, values, and expectations helps your organization deliver a better experience. From the talent acquisition team to the hiring managers, everyone should be on the same page about best practices and behaviors for a quality candidate experience.


Surveying talent after they have applied to jobs or come into contact with your organization will help your company understand and refine key touchpoints to ensure a streamlined candidate experience.