Data Collector I

Secret security clearance is required.:

Description: :
Ability to be trained to record events accurately on data collection forms. Generate or bring together information that has been systematically observe, record, organize, categorize and define. Must have some experience with data capture, data entry, data logging and related DOD hardware. Provide assistance to higher-graded employees engaged in the on-site collection of reliability, availability, maintainability, and performance data during developmental and/or operational testing of military/non-military projects, equipment, test items and/or systems. Evaluates projects, equipment, test items and/or systems for flaws or defects; observes operation of equipment to detect apparent malfunction; observes operation of simple test instruments and controls during tests and records related test data; download test data from on-board instrumentation; performs specified arithmetic computations; and compiles specified data including detailed narrative from records or other sources such as specifications and drawings. All work is reviewed by higher-grace employee for quality assurance, accuracy and completeness.

Position Requirements: :
Must possess a High School Diploma or GED with an above-average GPA in Math, Science, and English from an accredited high school or university plus one year of experience using a computer and Microsoft Office Software. Secret security clearance is required.:


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