Administrative Assistant (ASAP)

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The Administrative Assistant is responsible for supporting an administrative professional to help them stay organized and complete tasks that allow them to focus on more advanced responsibilities. Their duties organizing meetings for Administrators, greeting office visitors and composing documents on behalf of Administrators. Administrative Assistant Duties and Responsibilities The core duties and responsibilities of an Administrative Assistant revolve around supporting others. Their job duties can vary widely, not just from job to job, but from day to day at the same job.

On any given day, they may perform a variety of tasks, such as: Answer phones and greet visitors Schedule appointments and maintain calendars Schedule and coordinate staff and other meetings Collate and distribute mail Prepare communications, such as memos, emails, invoices, reports and other correspondence Write and edit documents from letters to reports and instructional documents Create and maintain filing systems, both electronic and physical Manage accounts and perform bookkeeping Administrative Assistant Skills and Qualifications Decision-making : Administrative Assistants have to make independent decisions on a daily basis, addressing the best way to handle specific tasks. Communications and collaboration : An Administrative Assistant must collaborate with other administrators and support personnel, management and clients on a regular basis. Organizational skills : Organization and prioritization are the core elements of the Administrative Assistant s responsibilities. You must know how to keep yourself and others organized and how to determine which tasks are the most important in a given list.

Writing : Spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and writing are essential to an Administrative Assistant, who must be proficient in a variety of styles, from creative to professional to technical to education and more.


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