Business/Data Analyst(SF/Bay Area)

Intellipro Group

Our client founded in 2015, is the global advanced big data analytics service provider for gaming. The company has offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, and Shanghai.
Currently, We have served more than 800 game companies, including well-known game companies such as HABBY, Papergames, Century Games, Leiting Games, Poke City, Hero Entertainment, Qingci Games and so on. The product ThinkingEngine developed by our client is a flexible, no-code, real-time, fully customized, and integrated game product intelligence and analytics platform; it has integrated more than 4,000 games, such as “Archero”, “The Marvelous Snail”, “Love Nikki”, “Legend of the Ancient Sword” and other popular games in use. Now we’re looking for talented Business/Data Analyst to join our team in the SF/Bay Area office.

1. Participate in the delivery process of our product, a user behavior analysis service. 2. Interact with customers as a data analytics expert, and a data-driven culture advocate who understands customers’ needs well.
3. Translate customers’ business needs into solutions regarding data collection, analysis, reporting, etc. Providing continuous consultation on customers’ digital transformation.
4. Research and summarize the best practices for data analytics specifically in the gaming industry and help customers with practical know-how.
5. Work proactively and independently to solve complex business problems with various analytical skills and tools. Conduct in-depth descriptive and diagnostic analytics to provide customers with business insights for decision-making.
6. Be responsive to customers in aspects of product Q&A, trouble-shooting, and on-site training. 7. Maintain and contribute to the knowledge base and libraries of analysis best practices, data science techniques, and customer success stories.

1. Bachelor or above degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science, or related fields.
2. Minimum of 3 years of working experience in data analytics, with professional report writing skills and a general understanding of how data impacts business.
3. Hands-on experience in defining and calculating key business metrics. Knowledge of common frameworks to identify the most suitable metrics to measure specific products/business.
4. Familiarity with big data technology and prior working experience in offering data-related services are preferred.

5. Excellent communication and presentation skills, and ability to multi-task and work well under pressure.
6. Good team player to interact with stakeholders of various domains and seniority.
7. Proficient in Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Salary Range: 100k-200k


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