Current College Students – Looking for a Unicorn

Ellena Chen

I’m looking for someone to help me with aftercare for my three children (2,6,8). Ideally we are looking for 3-4 days a week (flexible) to help with pick up from school. This would entail getting the kids from school in Emeryville and driving them to activities and then home to Orinda.

The job would be roughly 2:30-6. Pay is negotiable and will include at least one large boba a week :).
At the end of the day we are really looking for a creative and exciting individual. The idea person would provide their own car and we will be happy to subsidize gas money.

The job would start in early august and likely continue as long as they want to work with us.
We also would be open to future work in the evenings (date nights) and other events.
I look forward to meeting you. .

Picture of the crazy kids attached.



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