Entry Level Data Analyst


Job Description

Role: Entry Level Data Analyst

About Us: Synergistic IT is a full-service staffing and placement firm servicing client in America for the past 12+ years. We are dedicated towards fulfilling the IT needs of our clients. From staffing to full implementation of projects we provide the highest quality IT Services. We Intend to deliver exceptional student outcome. We don’t just help you secure a tech job but build a solid career in technology.

Job Description:
Managing master data, including creation, updates, and deletion.
Managing users and user roles
Assessing tests and implementing new or upgraded software and assisting with strategic decisions on new systems.
Generating reports from single or multiple systems.
Troubleshooting the reporting database environment and reports
Evaluating changes and updates to source production systems.
Training end-users on new reports and dashboards.
Providing technical expertise in data storage structures, data mining, and data cleansing.

Skill Required-
Data Visualization.
Data Cleaning.
SQL and NoSQL.
Machine Learning.
Linear Algebra and Calculus.

Education Requirement: –

Bachelors, Masters in Computer Science/ Computer Engineering/ Information Systems/Information Technology/ Electrical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering.

On Job Technical support
E- verified
Filing of H1b
Full time position

Candidate who are missing the required skills, might be provided an option to enhance their skills, so that they can also apply for the role and can make a career in IT industry.

If you do respond via e-mail, please include a daytime phone number so that we can reach you. In considering candidates, time is of the essence, so please respond ASAP.

Thank you


To apply, please visit the following URL:https://www.jobs2careers.com/click.php?jid=64631682c66da3ec9d9cbdf75&ri=98b736aaa4e44a86a91ae315fcce2de2&job_loc=Los+Angeles%2CCA&q=Data+Analyst&spl=664963586534704341504e544b312b593a4771686c7265642f743832662f79532b3643476d76513d3d3a62544157775848325a2b67725672786b707a6c485752337579433073384437475263305777336f76504e50646d47526974677670772b63784e57576861543952516a426e636a514d594c77445a6d6f343877514b4453692b684c47662f75736c68702b4f6d3852614b562b636437565735595659394f314344714d414c5a6634564e6247484c386b50447972484a4c764a413d3d&encrypt=0&query_category_id=400000→