FT Professional Data Entry Keyer (Work From Home)

Wonder Works Construction

[Administrative Assistant / Remote] – Anywhere in U. S. / Up to $20 per hour / Benefits – As a Professional Data Entry Keyer you’ll: Read customer and shipping orders submitted in person, via the print catalog and online; Key data into specific Microsoft Excel fields (much of the work for the online orders should already be done for you); Read and key in data from other source documents; Verify that the data is accurate before you enter it; Ensure that data is consistent throughout the system; Report any data errors or anomalies to your supervisor; Keep accurate and updated logs of ongoing work…Hiring Fast >>



To apply, please visit the following URL:https://www.jobs2careers.com/click.php?jid=6417e72ca29da3ec933d47225&ri=98b4cf786de441b6a2fdca740ce27c84&job_loc=Cedar+Hill%2CTX&q&spl=766774476967626967534c373339684f3a70673368714366315a615a2f4157633654634f536d413d3d3a4f51744354706c562b525443627930383065746758714a634a49474f495074664c5948775964777338354b3957727272567357724a64574b616b684661527751383155766e696d6958556b4b4954346452594857564f652b416f46733768454d4f484d2b3041564b426f486c79366550586663664738562f634b714b6334616a4a714f6b6979584a2f4d486d717a3642&encrypt=0&l=75054→