The Inline Group

Who are we seeking?

We are in need of a self-starter that works well in an aggressive hands-on environment. The right candidate will possess a “can-do” attitude and be willing to hit the ground running, and have the skills necessary to outwardly display The Inline Group brand in their supporting role.

What You Won’t Find in Our HR Manual

Why you want this job: Because you’re the best and want to be associated with the best.

How to tell if you’re kicking @$$ after 90 days: You’re looking to take on more responsibility and you’re quickly becoming the go-to’ person to get the job done! Before you know it, you’re on the fast track to recruiting stardom.

Degrees of separation from the COO: He’s dedicated to building a HIGH-PERFORMANCE team and is looking for someone with a high level of passion and work ethic. We’re not trying to scare you off – just big believers in absolute transparency.

Fringe benefits:

Still here? Great. Read on to get a better idea of some of what will be keeping you up at night.

Role Responsibilities and Key Performance Areas

  • Deliver the Best – Work to only deliver the best Primary Care doctors to our Clients to further establish a positive and capable opinion of TIG and you!
  • Capacity – We’re looking for someone with the drive to be the best. No task is too big or small.
  • Funnel Building – Provide accurate front end sourcing for our clients.
  • Process Guru – In your sleep kind of deal. We want you to know your stuff and to then come to us with how to do it better!

Think you’ve got what it takes to join our team?

Drop us your resume and we’ll letcha know?


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