Recruiting Specialist (Insurance)

The Jonus Group

Opportunity to join experienced leaders running the newest and most progressive recruiting firm in the King of Prussia area!

The Jonus Group is looking for a new Recruiting Specialist to join our team. We are looking for someone who is motivated to succeed, driven to achieve both company and personal goals and dedicated to making an impact. We have the most unique and effective training program where you can earn a competitive salary while training in addition to incentive compensation. For the right individuals, this could be a 6 figure opportunity within a few years.

Why Jonus?

  • We are dedicated to seeing each of our people succeed and ensure that they have the best tools available.
  • We have a proven system and processes in place to ensure that the time from your start to your first placement is minimized and that constant success can be achieved
  • Our recruiters run a full desk servicing both clients and candidates. We understand the value of being able to build out your business and not be restricted by the status quo
  • We allow our recruiter to enter new markets as we continue to build and grow the company.
  • We understand the value of being technology forward with a top of the line database and various tools and applications to ensure efficiency and success.
  • Most importantly we have fun!!!! The Jonus Group is made up of a unique group of people who understand the value of success as well as the value of having a place where they enjoy coming to work every day.

Questions to consider about your current situation

  • Are you motivated and driven to succeed, but are not in the right environment?
  • Have you encountered a lack of ongoing training and assistance to help you succeed?
  • Have promises been made and not kept?
  • Do you currently feel that you are at a level where you are able to earn a significant income with little assistance or is your success dependent on someone else?
  • Are you surrounded by like-minded, driven individuals?
  • Do you feel that you are on the right track or spinning your wheels looking for the right situation?

If your extremely motivated and experiencing any issues above, we would like to speak with you and hope that you will be the next person that will Join Us At Jonus!!


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