Warehouse – Data Entry Specialist 1


Warehouse – Data Entry Specialist 1
Pico Rivera, CA
6:00am – 2:30pm, M-F

* Must maintain consistent high frequency of keystrokes (10,000 kph), with 100% accuracy confirmed by ‘double key’ verification.

Job Description: POSITION SUMMARY: Most work is seated but involves intensive and constant keying of information into data system. Employee carries one carton of documents to/from pallet to computer workstation on average every 5-7 minutes. Carton weight ranges from 30-50 lbs. Carry distance may be up to 15-20 feet. Hand height for pulling or returning carton to pallet ranges from 13 to 45.
Protective footwear is required and shall meet ASTM F2413-11 “Standard Specification for Performance Requirements for Protective ( Safety) Toe Cap Footwear and have a slip-resistant rating designated as “Better or Best

Job Summary/Work Schedule:

Normal Work Schedule: 5 days a week, 9 hours a day including 30-minute lunch and two 15-minute breaks.
Description of position and job requirements: The Data Entry Specialist pulls individual medical files from the storage box, identifies required data fields from each file, and enters that information into the database for the client. One box at a time is carried to the workstation, where individual files are pulled and data is entered. When all files have been reviewed, they are returned to the box, which is in turn carried back to the pallet. Maximum storage height on each pallet is 5 boxes. Except for the periods when boxes are physically being moved (5% of time), work is performed from a seated position (95% of time).
Performance is measured based on the number of key strokes.

Essential Functions:

– Must maintain consistent high frequency of keystrokes (10,000 kph), with 100% accuracy confirmed by ‘double key’ verification

– Carry cartons ranging in weight from 30-50# for distances up to 20 feet on a frequency of one box every 5-7 minutes

– Lift and lower cartons from/to pallet and from/to workstation. Cartons range in weight from 30-50#, with lift heights ranging from 13 to 45, on a frequency of one box every 5-7 minutes

**Attire must be presentable and appropriate for the working environment**


To apply, please visit the following URL:https://www.jobs2careers.com/click.php?jid=64426d2b85dda3ec9f8b07635&ri=98b939af71b04fe0950edae59266058a&job_loc=Pico+Rivera%2CCA&q&spl=76496375466d32477472736d54447a6b3a395934796375337a576c334d684b663147346f4858673d3d3a6b2f6244634c526549686a697272566f2f703851776833766858506f78726e384157422b4650304c426369567376514f7a4f66337739325045753864493150736869313130724f54374a64796a59522b576e455151424738646161796e614c6556414f427362487162682b7a474d4d3464446267794a6852722f4c314d326735526163676c4d6875536b63796847633034673d3d&encrypt=0&l=united+states→