Warehouse Employee II (Warehouse)

Pacific Spice Company

Job Summary

Responsible for specialized warehouse tasks in receiving, shipping, inventory, and/or order processing or may have a generalized role working in all departments.

Major Responsibilities

  • Receives, counts and records shipment data into the system. Matches packing list information to actual packed merchandise. Prepares packages/product for storage.
  • Record receiving or shipping data using computer.
  • Pack, unpack, and mark stock items, using identification tag, stamp, or electronic marking tool or other labeling equipment.
  • Identify incorrect/short shipped items and immediately notify supervisor. Validate order shipped to customers.
  • May drive truck or van to pick up incoming stock or deliver materials to designated locations or operate forklift or other machinery in order to complete tasks.
  • Verify computations against physical count of stock. Examine and inspect stock items for wear and defects.
  • Maintains condition of work area (i.e. free of trash, product in correct location, etc.). Follows company safety policies and procedures and encourages other employees to do the same.
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

Preferred Education and Experience

  • High School Diploma or GED with 3-5 years of experience.
  • Forklift experience, Knowledge of machines and tools. Computer knowledge in Word, Excel and/or PowerPoint.



To apply, please visit the following URL:https://www.jobs2careers.com/click.php?jid=65e1651f7a5da3ec85bb842c5&ri=98b78b26e5724a57b8c54dae324e996b&job_loc=Los+Angeles%2CCA&q=Uxui&spl=6164745a6b35535334486b35705755543a374269416164484f72394e453943306b4c655a786a413d3d3a627639446e4f4a4e42654b4a4f4c5a56472f6e5a45757647663079485846313337454f504c4e67583044456641743577526e4b4b455a764f70314a446c4a397a7062644235324d5965646371693436686b38624a6532684e3250694c776875653364442b5a47696e775a556638724b4552584a53434e564451664972465176564f53484d476879494e484e754274414d376b453d&encrypt=0&l=United+States→