Project SAPhyre

Join us in elevating the next generation of SAP experts.

The Challenge

Despite the high demand for SAP professionals, there is a significant shortage of qualified candidates, particularly among Black professionals. This talent gap limits diversity in tech and deprives many capable individuals of lucrative career opportunities.
Due to the scarcity of qualified and experienced SAP experts, candidates with SAP ERP knowledge enjoy higher salaries and better career growth opportunities compared to other IT roles.

The Opportunity

Why join Project SAPhyre?


The 1000 Black SAP Professionals Program is designed to provide comprehensive training, certification, and career opportunities for Black professionals looking to excel in SAP technologies. Our mission is to bridge the gap in representation within the tech industry by equipping you with the skills and connections needed to thrive in the world of SAP.

The Demand

Major employers and consultancies need SAP talent now more than ever. There is a high demand for a new school of specialists and experts who can drive business forward into the future.

Here are just a few of many opportunities in this area of expertise.

$85,000 - $105,000

SAP Consultant


$90,000 - $110,000

SAP Business Analyst

Business Analysis, SAP BI

$110,000 - $130,000

SAP Integration Consultant

Integration, SAP PI/PO

$92,000 - $112,000

SAP HR Consultant

SAP HR, Human Resources

$100,000 - $120,000

SAP FICO Analyst

SAP FICO, Financial Analysis
$125,000 - $145,000

SAP Solution Architect

Solution Architecture, SAP S/4HANA

The Possibilities

Starting a career in SAP can lead to diverse opportunities in various industries, from finance to healthcare. As technology evolves, SAP professionals can branch into related fields such as data analytics, cloud computing, and AI, ensuring long-term career relevance.

Free SAP Training and Certification

Access top-tier training modules and earn globally recognized SAP certifications.

Mentorship and Networking

Connect with industry leaders, mentors, and a community of like-minded professionals.

Career Placement Support

Receive personalized job placement assistance and access to exclusive job postings.

Ongoing Professional Development

Stay updated with the latest SAP technologies and trends through continuous learning opportunities.

Who Should Apply?


If you’re part of an underrepresented group in tech, this program is for you. Break barriers and lead the way for future generations.

Single Parents

Balancing family and career? Our flexible training schedule allows you to upskill without compromising your responsibilities.


Looking to enhance your business with tech skills? SAP expertise can give you a competitive edge in managing your enterprise.


No degree? No problem. We value skills and determination. Gain the technical knowledge needed to thrive in SAP roles.

Learning Enthusiasts

Passionate about continuous learning? Dive deep into SAP technologies and keep your skills sharp with our comprehensive training.

Career Transitioners

Seeking a new career path? Transition into the high-demand field of SAP and unlock new professional opportunities.

Apply Now

Join Project SAPhyre, the 1000 Black SAP Professionals Program and take the first step towards a rewarding career in SAP. 

With comprehensive training, mentorship, and job placement support, this is your opportunity to excel in a high-demand field. Don’t miss out—apply today!

Partnership Opportunities

Access Top SAP Talent

Are you an employer seeking skilled SAP professionals or interested in mentoring emerging talent? Partner with Project SAPhyre to access a diverse pool of certified SAP experts ready to drive your business forward.

Our program offers opportunities to:

Hire Top Talent: Connect with qualified SAP professionals who have undergone rigorous training and certification.

Mentor and Inspire: Share your expertise and guide the next generation of SAP leaders.

Sponsor and Support: Invest in a program that promotes diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

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