Become a Sperm Donor- Earn up to $1000/mo

Cryobank America

Make Extra Money. Become a Donor.
Cryobank America is currently seeking healthy men to join our Sperm Donor Program.
Supplement your income and help others fulfill their dream of starting a family by becoming a sperm donor today.

-Ages 18-39
-Healthy BMI Range
-College degree or enrolled in a 4-year college program
-Able to provide 3 generations of family medical history
-All ethnic backgrounds accepted
-Live within 30 miles of our location due to frequent visits
-Young professionals encouraged to apply.
Donors are paid $70 per donation once approved.
Must be willing to make a commitment of 1-3 visits per week for 12 months.
Approved donors accepted into the program are also eligible for $500 referral bonuses for those they refer who are also accepted.

In addition to being highly compensated for your donations, you will receive free physical exams, chromosome analysis, and genetic testing.
Ready to get started. It’s easy. Apply Online



To apply, please visit the following URL:→